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Monday, March 02, 2009

Justin, rocking it on the longboard!

This is one of my favorite first moments, where Renee's mom sees her dressed up for the first time. The mom has such an endearing look on her face that shows how proud and excited she is for her daughter. I made sure I had a portion of my frame filled with the brides veil to help tell more of the story of that moment. The shot would not have been the same without it.

How gorgeous is Renee! I can't stress how important it is, as a photographer, to always spend a few minutes during the day to make a beautiful portrait of the bride. As much as I believe in photojournalist and candid capture of the day, these types of portraits are so important given the time and effort all brides put into their hair and make-up.

This set of images was taken by my husband, Eric. I love his selective focus in these images and of course, the eyes of the bride who is about to see her groom for the first time. You can feel the excitement.

What an awesome way to personalize your day. This couple, as formal as they look, are completely down to earth. For them the day was about being comfortable and having fun.

I love how Renee is holding the tree and the lovely effect that our infrared camera creates with the tree.

How I love sunflare!!!

I wanted to include this image in my blog post since I tend to post the more portrait-oriented shots and not so much of the action shots. Plus it was taken by my husband, Eric, who feels like he's not well represented on this blog, sorry darlin'. I thought this shot was well composed and I love the slow shutter he used to emphasize the action. Nice work E!

These last two images were a couple of my favorites during the day. For the photo-philes, I shot wide open f1.8 with a video light. I opted no to use flash, since it tends to flatten the image and in this case I wanted the shot to look more romantic.

Location: Villa Sienna
Coordinators: Outstanding Occasions
Flowers: Blume
DJ: SKM Entertainment


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