Baby Decker
Friday, February 20, 2009

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American Dali
Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Dali is a local band in Phoenix lead by (singer) Kathryn and (guitarist) Ryan. I wanted to give them a more hard-core look using lighting and location while also maintaining classic clean lines and stylistic lighting to make the images pop. I'm a big fan of using leading lines in my images to direct the viewers eye to the subject and to add to a more interesting composition.

For the tech-heads: I shot this session at night in a number of location and parking garages in Phoenix. I used only a single soft box and my 580ex flash units along with my Canon 5D.

you can check out their myspace page at this link

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Tarin and John
Thursday, February 12, 2009

My source of inspiration for this shot was the painted image on the wall behind the bride. It shows three women seemingly dressing and interacting in a way that juxtaposes nicely with the bride getting ready.

Tarin is a strong and confident bride which I wanted this image to invoke. Low angle images empower the subject and also serve to create a blank canvas as a background.

I love the framing elements of this image and how the curve of the fountain brings your eye to the subject of the image.

This is one of my favorite wedding images. I love the sweet expression on both of their faces surrounded by the soft pastels of the grasses. The shading and color of the grass sets a soft tone for the image.

As you may see from this image and many others, I'm a big fan of light flares. So often this effect can create a visual explosion that makes the image come alive with more passion and love.

I love this image of John's dad giving the blessing. I purposefully positioned the light so that it would give him a strong silhouette and bring more emotion to the scene.

This image is pure fun. Compositionally, I tried to pull together both the action in the foreground and background telling the whole story. I don't think this shot would have had the same effect if it showcased just the bride or only her single girls. I set up lighting in the room so that both the bride and her friends would be equally exposed.

Wedding location: Villa Sienna


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Published wedding in AZ Bride
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Camille and Cliff's beautiful wedding was just published in this month's Arizona Bride Magazine

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